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Friday, 30 July 2010
Letter from the editor. 

Hey Crew,
In light of the upcoming Outdoor Retailer show in Utah, I thought I'd share some SUPSURFMAG.COM website statistics. Yes, it's a global sport and we have the numbers prove it.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine has been online since February of 2007 and since then has consistently held top placements in the search engines for high traffic terms such as “stand up paddle”.

Let's have a look at website statistics of one year from June 29, 2009 to June 29, 1010. Our statistics are tracked by Google Analytics, the industry standard for measuring web traffic. All of our traffic is real! We don't pay for any ghost traffic or imaginary visitors, it's all real-deal stand up paddlers like you and me. Let's have a look. 
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Thursday, 03 December 2009

Hello Stand Up Paddlers!

Man, it's been a while since I've written a letter from the editor. First, I want to once again thank everyone for the letters, feedback, press releases, and articles that you've been forwarding to us. We doing our best to put out as much stand up paddle information as possible. From the very  beginning, it's been a thrill to see, first hand, the sport growing as quickly as it is.


The Triple Crown of Surfing is taking place right now here on the North Shore of Oahu and all the pro surfers are in town. Anyway, I was watching a video today by C4 Waterman that included some big wave stand up paddle surfing and also some alaia board tow-in surfing. The big wave alaia surfing blew my mind. That led me to watching another video on YouTube with Rob Machado surfing an alaia board which, in turn, caused me to reflect on seeing Rob visiting with some of his fans at the Haleiwa event of the Triple Crown. What's the point of this crazy train of thought? 


Well, once again, it has made me realize how lucky we are to be part of a sport where our heroes are so laid back and accessible to the fans. If you want to meet one of your surf heroes, really all you have to do is show up at the beach or paddle out in the water. That's where they are, and you're bound to trade waves with one or two of them. If you went to a football game and ran out in the field to run a couple  plays with your team, you'd end up in handcuffs. 


I just want to give a huge Aloha and shout out to all the shapers and surfers for keeping it real and stoking out your fans.



Nate Burgoyne


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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wow, we love letters! Here's one from a recent anonymous Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine newsletter subscriber in Detroit. 


"Just a quick not to say thanks for the great newsletter. I'm from the Detroit area and have only been suping for about a year. Being iced in for a solid third of the year, your mag helps me through the winter lock down. Keep up the good work and thanks again. " - Anonymous

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Monday, 13 April 2009
Letter to the Editor:

Here is a photo of myself (on the right) getting some instruction a few weeks ago from Nick Smart at Curio Bay at the southern end of the South Island, New Zealand.

watt_nz_suplesson.jpgAt the time we would almost certainly have been the southernmost SUP surfers in the world as South America is the only significant land mass further south than us and it would have been dark there!

I'm really pleased to have discovered SUP and to be learning the skills in my late 50's.

Great 'magazine' - keep it up

William Watt
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Friday, 27 March 2009

We received this letter from stand up paddler, Bill Leland, who seems to be having an adventure living in the Phillipines. Thanks for the letter, Bill. We hope all went smooth digging the well and building the fence. Send us some stand up paddle pics from the paradise on your side of the lake and definitely some shots of that new paddle!


The natives use a strange looking watercraft called a banca.  It seems to be a thin hul with dual outriggers for stability. These lads make their own paddles. I currently have one of the local paddle makers working for me hand digging my water well. I will askhim to carve out a paddle for me and email pictures to you. These lads use a knife called a bolo; [with] various shaped blades, [they're] very skilled with this knife. I had a 40' coconut palm in the way of a fence we are building. I presented a fresh bow saw. The native looked at it for a minute, returned to me, walked over to errant coconut tree and began in earnest chopping it down. In approximately 2 minutes I was running for my safety when this 40'er  came falling down. He then cuts the trunk up into 3 pieces for an A-frame over the well pit to chain block larger rocks out of the pit. We are talking about a 12" diameter trunk. I was impresses. Living over here is really like being Robinson Crusoe. Resourceful is the word of the day. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. I still have my original 10'0" Bing here and use it on occassion. Great mag REALLY!


-Bill Leland 

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