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Review: Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's one thing to drink have a sports drink and go for a quick paddle around the lake or across the harbor, it's a totally different animal to push your body to the point where hydration, electrolytes and caloric intake are critical, not just to perform at your peak level, but also to keep you out of the hospital in extreme conditions.


Taking Tailwind Nutrition to the extreme is what we decided to do when they sent us a package with two bags of Endurance Fuel. Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine editor, Nate Burgoyne, is an ultra distance runner and decided to fuel his latest race, the Peacock 100k (62 mile) trail race with Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel and this is his review. Whether you're doing sprint stand up paddle races, crossing the 32 mile Molokai Channel, running and cross training, this review is for you. 


"Aloha gang! I was stoked when the package of Tailwind Nutrition arrived. Why? In needed a new solution to a serious problem. I had recently completed a 30 mile trail race in the steep and humid mountains of Oahu and despite alternating drinking coconut water, a Pedialyte-style electrolyte drink, and water paired with salt supplements, when I crossed the finish, I was dehydrated and cramping hard. With a 62 mile race coming up soon, I definitely had to make a change, and I hoped that Tailwind Nutrition would help.


Hydration and electrolytes were on my mind as I was totally puzzled about why my body had not hydrated properly, especially since I was just weeks away from a race that would be more than twice as long in hotter conditions with more elevation. After doing my homework on Tailwind, I decided that I'd fuel my next race with their Endurance Fuel.


There are three elements that any endurance athelete does his or her best to balance during prolonged physical activity: water, salt, and calories. If any of those goes out of whack, then cramping, fatigue, dehydration, and death can occur.  


Tailwind has helped solve the problem of balancing water, salt and calories by combining them into one product. In the past, I would need to take water in my hydration pack for liquid, salt pills in a pocket for electrolytes, and food, bars, etc, in another pocket for calories. As my body called for one or the other, I would fish out what's needed and take it.


There are two challenges with the old school way of fueling the body for both runners and stand up paddlers. First, to fish out salt pills or food, requires the use of one or both hands. A runners needs to slow down, especially if on a trail to avoid tripping, and a stand up paddler needs to stop paddling thus slowing progress.  Second, as you fatigue, you may not notice that you're lacking in a critical nutritional need until it's too late, or you may feel so fatigued that you can't be bothered to take the time to get what you need and may decide to simply push through the problem and hope you make it to the end, futher complicating your need.


Tailwind claims their product is 'All you need, all day. Really,' putting everything in your hydration pack so you can leave the gels, bars, etc., at home. I found this to be the case. 


I ran for about 19 hours over 62 miles (100k), 17,300 feet of cumulative elevation gain and 17,300 feet of cululative elevation loss, in the heat of the day and into the night, fueled primarily by Tailwind. 


For most of the race, I added approximately 1 scoop of Tailwind for every 10 ounces of water in my pack. There were times when I felt I needed more calories, and put a more concentrated solution in a water bottle, and there were times toward the end of the race when I felt that I needed a more diluted ratio.


How did it go? Very well. I experienced zero cramping and felt alert throughout the race. Hydration was not a problem. What I was drinking, my body was using. In the latter hours of the race, I needed to drink more, but I was not concerned about my electrolyte balance because Tailwind was doing the thinking for me. When it was time to refill my hydration pack, the only decision I had to make was how much Tailwind I wanted in my pack until the next aid stop. Very easy.


Did I also eat? Hey after, running for hours on end, I couldn't resist the BLT sandwiches they had at an aid station and every once in a while I had a handful of potato chips to put a little roughage in the system (plus I love potato chips), but I could have done without them.


When the race was over, I was not totally depleted. The following days, I experienced no cramping or soreness of muscles. I'm not sure if I can attribute all of that to Tailwind but I'm sure it helped. Typically after a long race, my body craves massive amounts of food and water over the following days, but I didn't find that to be the case this time. I just went about my normal eating and drinking patterns and felt great.


What about the flavor? I drank primarily lemon, orange and combined the two sometimes. I didn't really experience flavor fatigue although at one refill I mixed lemon with berry and that was really tasty. That may be my magic combo right there. I would have had more of that blend but I only had one sample back of the berry flavor. You really won't go wrong with any of their flavors. They taste clean and wash clean out of a hydration pack. 


What's my conclusion? Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel is an excellent product that I will definitely be fueling future races with. The taste is clean, it's easy to use, no sugar spikes or crashes, and has the calories and electrolytes to keep your body balanced. I'm always experimienting with nutrition but this one will definitely be a regular for me personally. I recommend it to anyone looking for a worry-free training and race fuel."


EXCITING NEWS: 10% Off Tailwind Nutrition Challenge: Tailwind has introducted the "Tailwind Challenge" through their website. Order a Tailwind Challenge pack (4 big bags at a 10% discount) to train and race with for a specific race. If the product "doesn't blow you away," they will refund your race entry fee for a refund.


For more information and to order Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel go to .  




SPZ Sports Debuts with Head-to-Tow SUP Specific Apparel and Accessory Collection PDF Print E-mail
By: Sun Protection Zone   
Monday, 26 August 2013
 Sun Protection Zone, a leading innovator of sun protective clothing and products, is pleased to announce the launch of SPZ Sports.  A collaboration with extreme athlete and SUP World Record holder Tom Jones, the first head-to-toe collection will meet the specific needs of Stand Up Paddleboarders (SUP) and other water sports enthusiasts.

The SPZ Sports SUP line will include two shirt styles, gloves, two bootie styles and a head wrap to start, with additional products to be added soon.  Each style features the ultimate in sun protection and unique innovations for comfort and maneuverability while on a stand up paddle mission or other active watersports endeavor.

A highlight of the collection is MAC or “Motion Activated Cooling,” an innovative venting system that allows air to flow through both the front and back of the Men’s Long Sleeve MAC Shirt. The shirt, made of breathable four-way stretch UPF 50+ sun protective fabric, features mesh underarms and side panels for additional cooling, seamless underarms to avoid chafing, palm padding for grip, thumb holes to keep sleeves in place, covered hands for UV protection and reflective piping for enhanced visibility. Suggested retail price will be $88.

A Men’s Ultra Lite Shirt with short sleeves and a Women’s Ultra Lite Shirt with either short or long sleeves will also be available.  With “nearly naked” lightweight four-way stretch UPF 30 fabric, the tops feature mesh underarms and side panels for cooling, seamless underarms to avoid chafing and reflective piping for visibility. The long sleeved version also has palm padding for grip and thumb holes to keep sleeves in place and for UV hand protection.  Suggested retail price will be $52-$62.

In addition to UPF 50+ sun protection for the hands, the TJ Pro Sports Performance Gloves will offer double Velcro closures for a perfect fit and adjustability, raised “sticky” palm pads and faux leather padding for both grip and “slide” as well as comfort while paddling, and a pre-curved design to ease carpal tunnel issues and offer support. Suggested retail price will be $50.

Two bootie options will include the TJ Pro StableStance Boots and H2O MOX (Water Moccasin).  The StableStance Boots will offer a ribbed sole and heel design to promote better board grip, a custom heel and Achilles design to support ankle and foot stability, porous toe panels for water drainage and an ankle cinch strap to keep debris out. The lightweight H2O MOX has a ribbed sole for traction on any surface, porous fabric that drains water easily and an elasticized top to keep the debris out. Both offer 50+ UPF sun protection for the feet and ankles and the suggested retail price will be $59 and $21 respectively.

Finally, to top it all off, the HeadSkinz Action Wrap will provide UPF 50+ sun protection for the head with a full drape to protect the ears and neck as well.  A neoprene padded top will add cushion to comfortably “head-haul” a SUP or surf board with ties that will allow adjustability to ensure the wrap stays put even in extreme wind conditions. Suggested retail price will be $20.

The new SPZ Sports SUP collection will debut at Surf Expo, Sept. 6-8, 2013, Booth #758 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, with product available in specialty, online and retail stores beginning in November 2013.

For more information, visit the website, follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

About Sun Protection Zone
Founded in 2005, Sun Protection Zone develops men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories with 100 percent UVA & UVB protection. The collection includes tee-shirts, long sleeved shirts, rash guards, shorts, hats and arm sleeves. Sun Protection Zone’s goal is to inform and protect consumers from the sun in fashionable ways with great quality and unique design. Sun Protection Zone not only sells sun protective products, but is very involved in the community and charity by spreading the message of sun safety in unique ways. They also work with leading dermatologists to raise awareness of skin cancer and educate their patients about sun protection through product sampling, brochures and other informative publications.
BIC Stand Up Paddle Board 2013 Summer Giveaway PDF Print E-mail
By: Erin Robbins   
Monday, 22 July 2013
The time has come!!! The 2013 BIC SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Summer Giveaway has begun!

Click here for a chance to win an Award-Winning WING Paddleboard from BIC SUP ( )

It is not often that an award winning "Gear of the Year" stand up paddle board is given away for free, but this is exactly what BIC SUPis doing to help spread the SUP stoke this summer!  

From July 15 through August 15th you can enter for a chance to win a Wing!  This stand up paddle board is a touring board designed for fitness paddling, flatwater cruising, open ocean touring and recreational racing and has won honors!    

The BIC SUP 11’ and 12’6 Wing Ace-Tec stand up paddleboard won the 2013 Outside Magazine "Gear of Year" award.  According to the Official Press Release ( from Outside Magazine, "The Outside summer Buyer’s Guide not only highlights the very best in adventure gear, from sports equipment, tools, and gadgets to footwear, outerwear, and sunglasses, but also calls out the best values in each class." It was the BIC SUP Wing that took the 2013 honors for SUP (stand up paddle) and the person who wins this board will no doubt be extremely "stoked" and excited!

To enter, simply go to the BIC SUP GIVEAWAY APP ( on facebook and follow the instructions.  Be sure to LIKE the Bic Sup Facebook Page and then fill out and submit the entry form.  All detailed rules and information are clearly stated and provided for your convenience at the contest entry site.       

Spread the word and use the hash tag #BicSupWin2013 in all your social communication.  You or one of your friends might just become the winner!

Hurry, CLICK HERE ( for a chance to win an Award-Winning WING Paddleboard from BIC SUP 

Product Review: Girls4Sport ThermaGuard Top PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Remember going out to stand up paddle and surf on a beautiful spring morning – clean waves stretching from left to right, the air crisp with a slight bite to it, and the sun shining bright?  It’s too warm to wear your wet suit top so you go out in just your regular swimwear.  Then just twenty minutes into your epic surf session, you start to shiver.  You catch a few more waves before your lips are blue and you can’t control your shaking.  You’re just too cold to continue.


This has happened to me too many times to admit.   I am one of those skinny girls who freeze in 60 degree weather.  That’s why when I heard of Girls4Sport’s short sleeve Thermaguard , I was excited to put it to the test.  I wore it the first day of real spring waves here on the North Shore of Oahu, when the air was still nippy, but too warm that I knew I would roast in my winter wet suit top.  Although the short sleeve Thermaguard is thin like a regular rash guard top, it is made to keep you warm.  On this spring day, I slipped into the water and surfed for an hour and a half – no longer being forced by shivers to come in early! 




As far as the construction, I enjoy the higher neck design.  It is loose and not constricting, and it offers a bit more warmth while preventing water from coming inside. The hem on the bottom is lower on the front and back, with a higher cut along the sides (think baseball uniform cut). Girls4Sport also have a long sleeve Thermaguard, which I would imagine would be ideal in fall days when the water and air is even colder than the spring.


I’ve now worn the Girls4Sport short sleeve Thermaguard throughout the spring season and it’s paid for itself over and over again in wave count that I would not have been able to catch without it!


Order and information at .


Review by Heidi. Stand up paddle surfer and stand up paddle instructor in Hawaii at Rainbow Watersports

Gear Review: SK8Pole Skate Paddle PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012

sk8pole250.pngWhen the waves are down and you're looking to satisfy the urge for some land stand up paddling with a skateboard, don't overlook the SK8Pole as an option for your skate paddle. SK8Pole sent us beautiful silver Sk8Pole a little while back. We've been putting it to the test and this is our review. We put the pole in the hands of men, women and children to discover the ways that SK8Pole shines. In this review we'll look at the product itself, performance and our overall impression. 


One of the stand out features of the SK8Pole are it's weight and size. You could take this thing anywhere. It's so incredibly light that you could stick it in a backpack or bag and barely notice it's there. Since it breaks down to just 33 inches, you won't be knocking things off the shelves when you take it indoors. For these reasons alone, it's the perfect pole for communting to school, work or wherever.


Typically, one of the greatest challenges with stand up paddles for the water that are adjustable, are complications with the adjustment mechanism. In the SK8Pole we found no problems at all. It was easy to adjust to the perfect length, we didn't experience any play in the joints where the adjustments take place, and the pole didn't collapse on itself as we were using it. In that respect we were pleasantly surprised. 


The handle is comfortable. The ball shaped handle will fit any hand comfortably and can be held from any direction. We didn't experience hand fatigue or blisters. The feel was very natural. 


The rubber pusher that touches the road is unique. Most stand up paddle skate poles have a solid rubber pusher at the end. The SK8Pole rubber pusher is softer and flexes. Placing the stick on the road feels comfortable secure. The only weakness we experienced in the design was if you are really pulling hard on the stick, as if you were racing for a pot of gold at the end of a sidewalk, the rubber pusher occasionally buckled at the flex part of the joint. With some adjustment in stroke, this was minimized. For the commuter or the recreational paddler, it would never be a problem. 


Our overall impression of the SK8Pole is that this is the ultimate commuter or recreational stand up paddle stick. Since it's fully adjustable, it's perfect for the kids and the parents. This is not the right stick for intense racing or fitness routines that calls for full power strokes, nor is it ideal for bombing down hills since the rubber pusher does not function as a brake. For skate paddling around town, to work, through the city, to the store or around campus, this pole is a beauty. It's clear that the reasarch and development team did their homework with this one and created a great product. And, with a price point of $49.95, you're can't go wrong. 

For pictures and additional info, go to

Gear Review: NAYAD Aqua Sportswear for Women PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stand up paddlers and surfers are constantly on the hunt for the board they can call "magic" because of how it performs. What if you found stand up paddle aqua sportswear that qualified as "magic"? NAYAD Aqua Sportswear presents a line of aqua sportswear for active lifestyles in and out of the water. This review of Nayad Aqua Sportswear is by Heidi, founder and stand up paddle instructor for Rainbow Watersports on the North Shore of Oahu, HI.


"Are you an active female in and out of the water?  If so, I’ve found your soul mate, or shall I say, your “suit” mate!


I am out in the water almost every day, either swimming with my children, surfing, or stand up paddling.  If I have a day when I do not have the chance to get in the water, I bike, run, or attend a butt-kicking exercise class.


Just as having the right tools make a job easier, we as athletes know that having the right clothing helps us perform better.  I want to be able to focus on my exercise, not my clothing.


The NAYAD company has claimed that their swimwear is so ideal for exercise in or out of the water that they have changed its name to “aqua sports wear”.


When I saw NAYAD’s bold statement, I decided to test out that theory by putting it through my own rigorous exercise routine.  Hey, maybe they were creating just a cute tag line!  I wanted to see if it was for real.  Could their suit hold up under rigorous exercise?


So I ordered my suit on their online site.  It was so much fun to mix and match a design that I liked.  And it was totally customizable!  I got to choose the design, the fit, and the style.  I know ordering clothing online can be risky, but when the suit arrived, it fit me perfectly.

Here’s what I found:


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