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Locking Up Your Stand Up Paddle Board PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Monday, 27 April 2009

It's one of the biggest fears we have. Staring at an empty car, garage, or board rack with the reality that your stand up paddle board has been stolen. It happens. A stand up paddle board is an expensive piece of equipment and although they aren't disappearing left and right, having your board locked up at night or while you run in to get a burrito will definitely give you that peace of mind and help you sleep better at night...and for less than $40, it's definitely worth it. So, what sparked us to write this article?


We just received a letter from one of our readers who inquired as to what the best board locking system is. Although we're still waiting on samples from some companies so that we can make a comparison, we thought we'd fill you on what's been working so far. You are welcome to share your insights and recommendations by logging in and commenting at the bottom of this article. Well, here it goes...

Stand Up Paddle Fitness: Big Blade, Little Blade, Bulk or Tone PDF Print E-mail
By: Nate Burgoyne, Editor   
Tuesday, 21 April 2009
Wondering what size to get for your next stand up paddle blade? If fitness is your goal, it’ll depend on your desired end result. The first thing you’ll want to decide is, do you want to bulk up or tone down? I recently switched from a big blade to a small blade and then back to a larger blade. Now, I’m looking to move back to a smaller blade again. Here’s my personal experience with making the switch.

My first paddle was a 9.5” wide C4 Waterman carbon paddle. I still use the paddle and think it’s great. The next paddle that I was using for an extended period of time was the Kialoa Methane which is merely 8” wide. Well, after some distraction and the beach and a moment of absentmindedness, I left my Methane and the beach. After returning 15 minutes later, it was gone. So, I went back to my 9.5” C4. It’s been an interesting switch and there are all kinds of variables that change with each paddle. For now, I’m going to talk about muscle tone.
Kona 2 Piece Stand Up Paddle for Just $138.95! Just 5 left. PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Monday, 13 April 2009

    If you're looking for an affordable 2 piece stand up paddle, we came across this great deal on for the Kona stand up paddle. The shaft is a light and strong fiberglass/carbon fiber composite with a strong flexible plastic composite blade. We found this just a few minutes ago and discovered that there are only 5 left in stock! The paddle is $138.95. It weighs 2 lbs 5.5 oz. and can be cut in lengths up to 82". They'll send you the paddle full length so you can find the perfect height and attach the handle at home.


    The only other paddles we've seen similar to this have been with aluminum shafts which made the paddle heavier and stiffer than we would prefer. This looks like it could be the perfect combination for an upscale recreational paddle with a fiberglass/carbon fiber shaft that is priced below any other recreational paddle we've seen so far. The plastic composite blade should be able to take a beating without any damage. In our opinion, it looks like a nice piece of equipment at an unreal price. Only 5 left. For more info and to get one, click on the link to the right.


Infinity, Werner and the Ottertail SUP Paddle Project PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009

What do you get when you cross Infinity surfboards with Werner paddles? A top quality "Ottertail" paddle. Infinity has been producing the Ottertail paddle design for a number of years and has recently joined forces with Werner to put the Ottertail into top quality production. We tried out the original Ottertail design a number of months ago and were definitely impressed with many aspects of the design. (Read Review) Now, Infinity has a fresh stock of the newly revised design. Although we have yet to try out the new Ottertail, from the photos it appears that they have added slightly more angle and scoop to the blade...



FINSIGHTS: Gerry Lopez Stand Up Paddle Fins by Futures PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Saturday, 04 April 2009
Futures SUP-TRI

    Once again another Finsights article, this time on some exciting news from Futures Fins. With input from surf legend, Gerry Lopez, Futures Fins has released two high performance fin combinations for stand up paddle surfboards, the GL SUP-Thruster and the GL SUP-Quad. Futures' Resin Transfer Molded (RTM) construction was chosen for optimal performance of these fins. According to Futures, RTM fins are a "lightweight foam hex core glass fin that has the look and feel of a glass-on fin Engineered with a medium flex pattern. Great for all conditions." Many stand up paddleboard manufacturers have adopted Futures Fins for their lightweight installation and the ability to swap out fins with just one screw.


Futures GL SUP-Quad

     The GL-TRI SUP fins are a thruster setup 5.40" high with a base of 4.44" and a total 2 dimensional surface area of 18.48". The SG-QUAD SUP fins feature the same dimensions in front as the thruster arrangement with the rear pivot fins at 4.66" high with a 3.99" base and 13.63" total 2 dimensional area. These are not the first specialized stand up paddle fins that Futures has produced...

"Water Man: Life Begins In the Sea" Featuring stand up paddle surfing. PDF Print E-mail
By: Nate Bur   
Wednesday, 25 March 2009

  A "must have" for every stand up paddler's DVD collection is not available for order online. Over the summer, Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine editorial staff, Nate Burgoyne and Bill Ward, were lucky enough to score a small-time screening at the historic Paloma theater of Water Man: Life Begins in the Sea. Rob Machado and Dave Kalama were both there for the occasion to share insights into the film and really make the event a memorable evening for everyone. The hoots and hollers from the audience combined with stellar footage seemed to suspend time as the reels played from the back of the vintage theater.


   Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Gerry Lopez, Rob Machado, and the Malloy Brothers travel into the heart of Indonesia loaded with tons of boards including stand up paddle surfboards, foil boards, and tow-in gear for insane waves on the Indian Ocean.


   You can now get your copy for 10% off and FREE Shipping through this link on We're not sure how long this special will last but here's the link: Water Man

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