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By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Tuesday, 07 August 2007

    ImageAfter talking on the phone with Thane Pope over at Pope Bisect, I had to write this post. They really nailed it on the head with the re-introduction of the Pope Trisect, especially for those who live in condos or those with limited space.

As one who lives on the fourth floor of a condo, it’s not easy take my 10′ stand up paddle surfboard home. I think I fit my board in the elevator once, just barely. I had to take the fins off and hold my breath while the door closed. I took it up the staircase a few times banging it on the walls, ceiling, and railing the whole way up. With the Pope Trisect you can just take the thing apart into three pieces and put it wherever you want. These boards could be a the missing link for those who have caught “stand up fever” but just don’t know what they would do with such a massive board.

The boards are carbon fiber, so they must be strong. The Pope Trisect is also hollow, so it has to be super-light. You can check it out at


   Image After talking with Thane, I received a call from Alan Sidlo who has been one of the driving forces behind slalom skateboarding worldwide for over 30 years. He has recently become hooked on  stand up paddle surfing and is the proud owner of one of the first Pope Trisect surfboards. It was really a pleasure to talk with him. I could feel the energy he has for the sport radiating through the phone line. He’s totally stoked on the board. Check in at for the full review of the Pope Trisect by Alan Sidlo. Coming soon!
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April 06, 2010

Good evening ...... Just asking if there is an agent for this board in Australia

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