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By: Nate Burgoyne   
Tuesday, 05 February 2008
Hello Everyone!
I just got back from the hospital last night with our new born daughter. That puts me outnumbered by the girls 4 to 1 in the house. I am thrilled to have another one in the family. My wife and I had an interesting conversation in the hospital after the birth about stand up paddling. Some of you may know that my wife was stand up paddling and even catching shoulder high waves while she was 8 months pregnant and was still paddling up the river about 2 weeks before her due date. I'll tell  you what, she definitly earns my respect. Anyway, the birth when really quick and she didn't feel the fatigue that she felt before, during, and after the birth of our first two children. She told me that she attributes it to stand up paddling. She feels that the stand up paddling helped her to strengthen her stomach muscles when traditional stomach excersices were impossible. She also noticed that after her birth, her stomach muscles came back together right after the birth. With the previous two, it took a while for the space between her individual stomach muscles to come back together, but with this one there is very little space between her stomach muscles. Again, she attributes it to stand up paddling. Now, I'm not advocating or recommending stand up paddling for all pregnant mothers and I'm not a doctor; but I just thought I'd share the experience and spread the word. Be sure to check with your doctor before stand up paddling while pregnant. Everyone is different and only your doctor would be able to give you proper advice about what exercises would be best for you. We're stoked to be back at the house, and the waves look like they'll be coming up in the next couple of days, so I'll see everyone out in the water. Much Aloha!
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