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By: Dolla   
Thursday, 26 February 2009
Hey Fellow Standups,

My name is Dolla, as my mate Marty calls me, and I live on the Gold Coast Australia. I first saw a couple of guys standup paddling at Burleigh point, which is a very popular surf spot, and thought how great it would be to have one of those babies and also how easy does it look to just get up and go.

Those guys made it look so easy and the way they were having so much fun out the back of all the other surfers without a care in the world. Well that was about six months ago and a couple of weeks after that my old mate Marty told me he had a friend that sold these new boards and that we should definitely have a look at them. He said only a look, and that afternoon I walked out with a 12FT Ron House and paddle in other hand and a promise of some lessons.


I now paddle in creeks mainly for a couple of hours about 5 days a week but I am feeling way more confident in the surf and just love to go to Snapper Rocks with Marty and try and rip some of those babies apart. But I must say those guys at Burleigh made it look so easy that first day I saw them. Now look at myself and say "I am starting on the way to being totally addicted to the sport of SUP".


My doctor told me I had diabetes and also said if I didn't stop drinking so much alcohol and lose a lot of weight the result was not going to be very good for me. So as people may look at me out in the surf and think, "What is this middle age guy doing on one of those boards?", I don't give a %$#@ and couldn't care less as it's the most fun I have had for a long time and I think most people are just jealous.

Where I paddle is called Tallybudgera Creek and I hope that is the way you spell it. Anyway it is so magnificently beautiful in the early hours of the morning before most folk are up and about. And, it is just me and my board and my music for as short as I want or as long as I want. And, I can tell you I have met so many great people around the creeks and they all ask how much these boards cost and when I tell them you nearly have to pick 'em up off the sand they are so blown away about the $$$$$$. But I always suggest to get 2nd hand as guys and girls are all getting smaller boards as they hit the waves and want the smaller versions. I have been to a couple of demo days and have really enjoyed trying the different brands Naish, PSH, Oxbow and more.


Anyway guys and girls happy ripping if you are coming to Aussie land drop us an email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Cheers Dolla

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