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By: Jeff S. Simon   
Friday, 07 November 2008

    First off, this is a great website! Tons if information on it!

    I am from right outside of Philadelphia, PA and go to the New Jersey shore just about every weekend in the summer. This summer while out in the bay I noticed a guy that looked like he was just screwing around standing on a surf board with a kayak paddle – but really didn’t give it much thought.

    Then about a week later I noticed the article in Men’s Fitness about stand up paddling and it was actually a sport that this guy was doing in the bay. I had no idea, but I wanted to try it. The following weekend I made an arrangement to rent a board from a surf shop and I have been hooked ever since!

    My family has always kayaked, but to me it gets a little boring (unless you are drinking beers while doing so) but SUP is so much better. It’s an incredible workout and it’s a lot of fun. After doing more research on this “new” sport that I realized it’s not even close to a new sport! I have only seen the one other person doing this at the Jersey Shore!!! Pretty crazy after I see how popular it is in Hawaii and on the West Coast!

    I am hoping to buy an inflatable SUP board this winter so I can use it next summer down the shore as well as at a lake at home, it seems a lot easier then transporting a regular board. Have any recommendations or advice with the inflatable boards? Spreading the word on the east coast!!

    Cheers, Jeff S. Simon

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