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By: Nate Burgoyne, Editor   
Friday, 30 July 2010
Letter from the editor. 

Hey Crew,
In light of the upcoming Outdoor Retailer show in Utah, I thought I'd share some SUPSURFMAG.COM website statistics. Yes, it's a global sport and we have the numbers prove it.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine has been online since February of 2007 and since then has consistently held top placements in the search engines for high traffic terms such as “stand up paddle”.

Let's have a look at website statistics of one year from June 29, 2009 to June 29, 1010. Our statistics are tracked by Google Analytics, the industry standard for measuring web traffic. All of our traffic is real! We don't pay for any ghost traffic or imaginary visitors, it's all real-deal stand up paddlers like you and me. Let's have a look. 


Absolutely Unique Visitors: 121,169
This is an exciting number for measuring growth. This is the number of individual visitors visited our site in the last year. In a nutshell, this how many individuals have visited SUPSURFMAG.COM website over the last year alone.

Non-Unique Visits by Top Countries are as follows:
(These are general visits, not unique visits.)
1. United States - 157,683
2. Australia - 9,594
3. Canada - 7,874
4. France - 7,725
5. United Kingdom - 5,852
6. Spain - 3,633
7. New Zealand - 3,046
8. Brazil - 2,977
9. Germany - 2,442
10. Italy - 1,869

It's exciting to see different parts of the world explode over the years. As a leader in the search engine results for the sport, it's exiting to watch the industry expand into new countries. For example, a stand out newcomer to the sport is Canada which has had a big spike in traffic over recent months.

Whether you're in US, Australia, Canada, France, or the UK, one thing is for sure, the stoke is the same. With the rapid growth of stand up paddling, it's essential that each of us surf with respect and proper etiquette. If you're new to surfing, spend time with an experienced surfer to mentor you and show you how to respect the lineup, right-of-way, and get some local knowledge about the area. Nobody likes a wave hog, regardless of what they're riding. Learn and respect the rules and you'll set a good reputation for stand up paddle surfing in your local area.

Have a great day everyone! Happy paddling!

Always Stoked,
Nate Burgoyne
Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine

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September 01, 2011

Would be interesting to see these numbers over time... 08, 09, 10, and 11 ytd.

Do you think a plateau is eminent or continuing to grow?

thanks for the insight!

Paddle Hi.
October 30, 2010
Mahalo for all the light you bring around the world. Great inspiration!

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