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Saturday, 14 June 2008
They've got finesse. After we spent the day at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, I was once again wowed by how well the ladies pick up on stand up paddle sports, and more often than not, put us guys to shame right from the get go. Kahuna Creations had a Kahuna Big Stick demo day today, and from what I saw, it was the women who picked it up right away and were definitely having a blast. The Kahuna Big stick is basically a longboard skateboard stand up paddle stick that recreates ocean stand up paddling on land. I was really impressed by the product and we'll have the product review done by the end of the day Monday, but that's not the topic for this short piece. After seeing my wife, among others, including the family of KC rider, Buttons, effortlessly cruising along,  I again started to think about why women are able to pick up the paddle sports so quickly.  The conclusion I have come to at this point is, finesse. Women have finesse. Let me explain...


    When men are working on their cars or repairs around the house and something isn't working out quite right, what they do?  They get a bigger hammer to solve the problem.  What do women do? They go to the store to get the right tool and get things done the right way. And how does this relate to stand up paddling?  In general it seems that the ladies work on their technique first.  They're teachable and learn so quickly.  The guys grab the board and paddle, jump in the water and basically stumble our way to success. For me, it was several weeks before I was successfully riding my first waves, and for my wife she was telling me about her waves on day #2 of her stand up paddling learning experience. It blew me away. The same held true at the Kahuna Big Stick demo day today. The ladies were on the boards and land-paddling with no problem at all. Even my 4 year old daughter picked it up in jiffy. It's got to be in the female genes. I can see it now, "New discovery! Gene number 564B has now been isolated in women that has them hard-wired for stand up paddling. Sorry guys, it's a sex-linked trait and you don't have it."" It wouldn't suprise me one bit.


   My respects go out to all the female stand up paddlers. While the guys are trying to muscle our way to success, you ladies are naturally paddling yourselves across the water and into the waves. Mental note....less brawn and more finesse means stand up paddle success. Hey, that has a nice ring to it. -Aloha.

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