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By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Saturday, 27 December 2008

   There is a movement on the horizon toward a group of standup paddle boards that are designed specifically for those who have come to thesport for the fitness benefits of stand up paddling. Speed, stability,durability and fun are what this genre of boards is all about. If you’ve beenon the hunt for a fitness-oriented board, the future holds some exciting things.

   The extraordinary low impact core workout has made stand uppaddling a regular exercise for thousands of people who live near lakes,rivers, reservoirs and the ocean. These paddlers have primarily taken up thesport for the fitness and relaxation aspects of the sport but are not opposed to catching some small waves near theshore if the occasion presents itself.


   In the past, the recreational stand up paddler has had basically two options: 1) Get a stand up paddle board that is made for the surf but still paddles reasonably well in flat water. This choice is relatively less expensive. 2) Purchase a specialized stand up paddle board for racing or channel crossings: an expensive choice.


   Some stand up paddleboard designers are now working on models that bridge the gap between a race board and surf board with board that paddle straight and fast on the ocean, lakes and rivers yet have a hint of the performance attributes you'd need should you decide to catch some small waves from time to time. 


   Fast and stable flat-water fitness boards at an affordable price will be on their way soon enough. Should you hold out on getting started until these boards are available? No way! Get a board and get on the water. Stand up paddle boards retain their resale value extremely well. When you decide to upgrade or switch boards, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting a fair price for your like-new equipment. If we had to make a guess at when boards like these will hit the market, we’d have to say, “Oh, 1 to 12 months.” We’ve seen and tested some prototypes and we’re stoked about what’s around the corner.

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