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On The Hunt for the Indestructible Stand Up Paddle Warrior Leash PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Thursday, 28 February 2008
Image Broken leashes and "limp-swimming" back to shore with a paddle in one hand has nearly been accepted as all part of the fun of stand up paddle surfing...but we're not giving up hope yet in our hunt for the indestructible stand up paddle warrior leash. We'll begin our journey here by highlighting some of the major surfboard leash manufacturers to see what they have lined up for stand up paddle surfers in 2008. In this review we'll be checking in with DaKine, FCS, and Sticky Bumps.

DaKine Kainui: DaKine has a long reputation as one of the best leash manufacturers in the industry. The Kainui Series leashes feature either a maximum strength urethane cord or dual rate urethane cord up to 8' on the Kainui Pro series. The cuffs and parts are all easily interchangeable with the the use of a common hex fin key. All of these leashes can be outfitted with a quick release clip to easily disconnect you from your leash in the event of an extra heavy wipeout of if you get snagged on the bottom. If you plan on charging big waves, this is an awesome since the last thought that may be going through your mind before taking a bomb on the head may be "get the leash off...get the leash off". The quick release tab makes for and easy exit without fooling around with the velcro. The quick release tab doesn't come standard on all Kainui leashes so check before making your purchase. If not, you can purchase the quick release pin from DaKine and modify it  yourself. Key pocket in the cuff, double brass swivels, triple wrap rail savers and precision molded fittings complete the package for the DaKine Kainui Series.

FCS Interchangeable: FCS also has a line of leashes that with interchangeable cuffs and swivels, and excellent feature for those who switch between calf and ankle-style leashes. Sometimes the conditions dictate the cuff, and with FCS, you make the call with the help of a common hex fin key. The cuffs are extremely comfortable and extra long for security and to make sure you get the perfect fit for your ankle or calf. Double hardened swivels, high strength urethane cord and extra strength velcro make FCS a super strong leash. It's definitely worth it to give FCS a shot, we haven't broken one yet and "FCS leashes are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for 6 months." If you're feeling discouraged about busted leashes, get an FCS and put it to the test.

Sticky Bumps: With a 7mm urethane cord, Sticky Bumps claims, "Bullet proof design with superior materials." Hey, isn't that what we're all looking for? Along with an comfortable neoprene cuff and double swivels, what makest the Sticky Bumps leash stand out from the crowd is the 10mm flat string. One of the most common points of leash breakage is at  the string. Unsuspectingly, snapping the string that connects the leash cord to the leash plug has probably happened to most stand up paddle surfers at least once. We're hopeful that Sticky Bump's flat string design will put and to that worry. They are the only company that we're aware of with such a feature. With a claim of  "bulletproof design" Sticky Bumps is putting it all on line. This could be the very piece of equipment stand up paddlers have been looking for.

If you're on the search for a new leash, these are certainly worth looking into. Maybe one of these is the  piece of equipment you've been looking for. With the interchangeable parts, the magic stand up paddle leash just may end up being a hybrid mutt leash with the cuff from this company, the cord from the other, and the string from a third manufacturer. If you think you've discovered THE indestructible stand up paddle warrior leash, let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll spread the word. Happy surfing!
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