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By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Saturday, 30 August 2008

    While it isn't waterproof the iStik could be a sweet piece of stand up paddle gear for toting your iPod during lake paddles or downwind runs. Paddling with an iPod can be a challenge at times give the range of motion required of all parts of your body. If you stick your iPod in your pocket, you're going to knock the head phones out of your ear with your elbow; if you strap it to your arm, you have to worry about looping the cord around somewhere out of the way; and, if you try and put it in a backpack, it's bound to start tugging the ear buds out of your ears as your pack bounces around. The iStik seems like a probable solution to all of this. And, while we haven't done an official review of the product yet, it looks extremely promising.


    The iStik is basically a bulletproof lexan polycarbonate housing for your iPod with 8 extremely high power magnets on the backing. To wear the iStik, you simply slide a matching magnetic plate under your clothing or any fabric and match it up with your iPod. Essentially, it seems to magically peg your iPod anywhere on your clothing.


    Now, that's all fine and dandy but what caught our attention was a photo on the iStik website of an iPod pegged to the back of a golfer, totally out of the way of his swing. That got us thinking of the possibilities and convenience this might provide for stand up paddlers. The housing isn't water proof so you have to keep it dry. You won't be taking this one out into the surf, but sticking one on for a flat water paddle or race is a definite possibility. If we're able to get our hands on one at the upcoming ASR show, we'll try it out and give our review. For now, you can check it out at


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October 18, 2008

Great just what we need to improve the ever growing fondness of SUPs out in the local breaks. Yeah I know you said it was for flat water but you know more than one bone head is going to show up in the lineup impervious to the world around them, putting everyones safety in jeopardy and the soiling further the reputation of the courteous SUPer. There's a need for a whole new set of etiquette rules WE SUP's should be living by to help the sport grow in a good way. Do you really need a sound track to paddle by?

September 05, 2008

Cool looking product. First time I've heard of it. Thanks!
Just recently bought a H20 Audio waterproof housing for my 1st generation iPod. It came with a swim belt and an arm band. The latter is what I used when I SUPed from Kailua Beach to Flat Island on a windy day. I fell in the water a couple of times and not once did the headphones fall away from my ears, nor did any water get into my ears. I absolutely love it. It definitely made my SUPing even more enjoyable!!

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