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By: Nate Burgoyne   
Monday, 24 March 2008
I just got the latest word from Dan Gavere of Werner Paddles. As I am sitting here typing Dan and Assc. Editor Bill Ward are out stand up paddle surfing and  trading waves. We are always thrilled with the passion that Dan brings to the sport. Dan is the sales rep. for the southwest of the US and Hawaii and really has one of those dream careers the we all dream about. He travels up and down the coast in the Werner van with an ample supply of peanut butter and jelly and cold Spahgettios surfing, paddling, and kayaking along the way! Whether he's paddling into waves along the Oregon coast decked out in a 5 millimeter wetsuit, with mittens and a hood, or cruising the warm waters of Hawaii, this guy is stoked to be on the water.

What exciting things did Dan have for us this time? First of all, all all their paddles, they have a newly redesigned handle. In the name or comfort and blade control, the durable ABS handle is more contoured and fuller in the palm than the previous turned down T-grip. All Werner paddles are still super lightweight and feature an oval shaft and dihedral blade. But that's only half the news...

The big news it that Werner has released one of the first truly adjustable-length paddles. The paddle is adjustable near the handle by a two pin mechanism to prevent any accidental release while paddling or surfing. The design has also been developed in such a way that the shaft remains sealed regardless of the adjustment. This is a huge innovation that, in the past, has been one of the greatest stumbling blocks in the development of an adjustable paddle, and Werner has found a system that works.

Dan also revealed some insights into increasing power and decreasing fatgue while paddling. He mentioned that he always keeps his elbows slightly tucked in and tries to draw most of the power in the stroke from the major muscle groups in his torso and triceps as opposed to powering though the stroke using arm power alone. Since paddling technique is an organic and ever-changing science, there's always room for improvement. Even those who have been paddling for years are constantly refining their stroke. However, if you are able to focus and keep the bulk of the work on the major muscle groups, you are less likely to develop any kind of unusual strains on the shoulders or elbows. Your stoke will be strong and your body will thank you for it.

Finally, remember to get out and find those hidden breaks that nobody has ventured to surf. You never really know what's around the bend until you go there. Dan was telling us about some of the hidden gems he's found when he ventured off the beaten path, and at the same time reminds us that when you do decide to venture out, try to take a friend and be sure to let others know where you're going. When you're going into unknown territory, you want to make sure that you have several people watching out for you. Stay safe and even wearing a helmet is a good idea for the adventuresome surfer. There's no shame in playing it safe, and it's a lot more fun when you know someone's got your back.

Werner is bringing out some great developments in equipment and we're thrilled to get the 411 on the gear. All Werner paddles are hand built in the U.S. and are the workmanship and materials are backed by a one year warranty. In Hawaii, you can find the new adjustable paddles at Surf-n-Sea in Haleiwa, Go Bananas, and other surf and watersports retailers. The new adjustable paddles are currently only available at retail outlets, so check in at your local shop, call Werner, or visit com to find the nearest one near you. Thanks for checking in with us Dan and sharing the stoke!
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