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The GoPro Stand Up Paddle Phenomenon and Superheroes PDF Print E-mail
By: Nate Burgoyne, Editor   
Saturday, 20 June 2009
It seems inevitable that every stand up paddler eventually makes plans to get a GoPro or like camera mounted on at least one board. Even before GoPro introduced an affordable surfboard mounted camera to the market, stand up paddlers were rigging up cameras with suction cups, duct tape, and nuts and bolts from the hardware store in an attempt to capture stand up paddle moments on video. GoPro style SUP videos are found all over YouTube, blogs, and websites. It's an interesting phenomenon and Iíve got a theory why: stand up paddle superheroes.

Iím not talking about capes and masks, although Ikaika Kalama wore them well at a recent contest, Iím talking about the average stand up paddler so stoked on the sport that itís only natural to want to capture it on video and share it with others. And, itís reciprocal stoke because stand up paddlers are equally as thrilled to see some really good stand up paddle videos and mind surf waves from around the world as they are to share their own.

Now, whatís this superhero business all about? Iíve had a theory for some time now that Iíve discussed with several other sup surfers who have all agreed with the idea, and that is that every stand up paddler is secretly their own stand up paddle superhero. Now, lets have a look into the lives of two of our heroesÖ

With stick in hand and camera mounted on his board, our hero, Boatdock Paddle Man, ventures out into the harbor in the calm of the morning to be confronted unexpectedly by Mr. Strongcurrent. Mr. Strongcurrent is the evil undercurrent that sucks unsuspecting boaters and paddlers out to open waters even when there’s no wind at all. With prowess and planning, our hero puts technique and strength together to paddle from the boat ramp to the snack bar on the other side of the marina for a cinnamon and sugar churro and a Diet Coke without falling in, not even once. He celebrates in the shade at a little table near the boat dock under a red, white and blue umbrella. Victory!

On the other side of the universe, Boatdock Paddle Man’s super sister, Super Staci Wavecharger, arrives at the beach one morning greeted by epic big wave surf in her own backyard. After a quick adjustment to her board mounted camera, she paddles out to the lineup. Our hero drops into a big one. Racing down the line, she comes face to face with her conniving nemesis, Dr. Closeoutsection. As the dastardly doctor threatens to smash Super Staci Wavecharger with the lip of a close out wave, break her board, and suck her paddle away to the ocean depths below. In a split second, our hero has to choose between straightening out and letting the whitewater crash behind her or taking the highline on the wave with the hopes of making the section and possibly getting barreled. She cross-steps to the nose and chooses to take the highline. With that slick cross-step super-move she picks up speed rocketing down the line as the lip loops over her shoulder and she comes clean to the channel unscathed by Dr. Closeoutsection. Victory!

Later that evening Boatdock Paddle Man and Super Staci Wavecharger upload their top secret GoPro videos of the day’s action through their secret communication device (computer) and share their experiences and victories with each other, both equally stoked on the other’s accomplishments.

Stand up paddling is one little victory after another, little victories that are seemingly insignificant to others yet mean the world to the paddler. With affordable board mounted cameras, every paddle hero can now record their superhero feats and visually relive the moment.

That’s my theory. Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve ever felt the same…and if you’ve already got your own personal super hero name picked out, reveal it…if you dare. Happy paddling my superfriends. Aloha.
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December 05, 2010

what a blast gotta get one of these

June 21, 2009

Even it's great for non-hero SUPers. It's a good tool to record yourself and watch your faults when on the waves.

Also you can shot incredible unexpected photos, that other way woulb be impossible to catch.

Thanks to the small GoPro

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