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By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Friday, 06 June 2008

Image    Surftech's Tuflite technology had given birth to yet another stand up paddle surfboard by one of the greatest of master shapers, Robert August. The 11'0 Wingnut is features a slightly pulled in nose and tail and a 2 + 1 fin setup.  Although the waves were non-existent when we took it out, we spent quite a bit of flat water time on the board and this is our report.


    First off, a little background on the shaper, Robert August and rider, Wingnut. Raised in Huntington Beach, California, Robert August is one of the most notable American surfboard shapers. His public fame began around the time he appeared along with Mike Hynson in what may be the most famous surf film in history, Endless Summer. August has been surfing since the 1950s and to this day continues to shape and charge the waves.


    Robert "Wingnut" Weaver followed in August and Hynson's footsteps of 30 years ago in the filming of Endless Summer II in 1994. Wingnut has been a true longboarder throughout his life and continues to be an active surf consultant and competitor to this day. Having spend much of his life in Santa Cruz, California, Wingnut combines classic style with progressive tail surfing and green room finesse. 


Image    Now, to the board. The Robert August "Wingnut" stand up paddle surfboard is 11 feet long and 28 inches at it's widest point and 4 3/8 inches thick. It features a 2 + 1 fin setup with Futures side fins. The board has enough volume that it should comfortably float the big boys. 


    Rocker: The rocker on this board is more pronounced than we expected, however we wer not disappointed in the least. It seemed to have a gradual nose rocker starting in about the top third of the board and a tail rocker about thee same. The smooth rocker lends itself to good flat water glide and at the same time should allow for easy wave entry. The rocker was a bit more that we had anticipated was not a let-down but more of a pleasant surprise.


    Nose: The nose is 19 7/8 inched wide and is rather pulled in. Not only does this make for good flat water paddling, but will assist a surfer with late and angled takeoffs. Although pulled in slightly, the nose has plenty of room for soulful noserides.  


    Tail: Rounded pins seem to be a popular tail shape and the Wingnut features such a design. The rounded pin allows for fast down the line speed and smooth turns off the tail. At 17 5/8 inches, the drawn in tail should draw some pretty lines on the face of any wave.


    Overall Impression: The Wingut seems to be begging for some waves. Although we didn't have the opportunity this time around, it appears to have the outline and rocker to hold up in bigger Hawaiian size waves. For flat water glide, half of us though the board was one of the fastest paddling boards we've tried, and the other half anticipated slightly more glide. However, in this respect none of us was disappointed. We were able to sink the tail and turn it around 180 degrees in an average of 2 to 3 strokes. The board was fun on flat water and it seems that it'll really shine in the surf. 


For more information click on the Surftech Banner at the top of this page or go to

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June 11, 2008

Aloha Gary, thanks for your comments, NO offense taken bruddah! We welcome differing views or constructive criticism and appreciate your input. To address your question of "how can you post a "review" of a stand up paddle "surfboard" without reviewing how it surfs?". I will start by saying that our review of the Robert August-Wingnut was by design a FLAT WATER stand up paddle board review. That SUB was just one of many we tested at the Surf-n-Sea DEMO DAY held recently in Haleiwa and since the North Shore goes flat this time of year, there were no waves to test any of the boards on.

The staff of STAND UP PADDLE SURFING magazine are core surfers and we will always put an emphasis on high performance SUP wave riding. However, SUP demographics are much broader than regular prone surfing and many of our readers are brand new to ANY type of surfing. Our magazine reaches 95 countries and all 50 states. Meaning that a large segment of our readers are doing flat water SUP surfing in rivers, lakes, canals, etc all over the world. Not to mention all the devotees in coastal areas who do it simply for enjoyment and exercise with no intent of ever surfing on waves. We are committed to providing relevant information and reviews to this segment of the population as well. They may not be riding WAVES, but they are (SUP) SURFING!

As for surfboard (SUP or otherwise) reviews in general, keep in mind that they are always HIGHLY subjective. The experience and ability of the surfer combined with his height, weight, surfing style and ocean conditions a particular board is surfed in, can vary greatly. For example, Pancho Sullivan and Adriano de Souza are two outstanding top 44 WCT surfers. Yet have opposing styles and are obviously built quite differently. If they exchanged boards I doubt either would give a positive review of the others board. However, that certainly does mean their boards themselves are poorly made or would not be suitable for surfers with similar styles and body types.

You do however, bring up an excellent point. In the future we will clearly differentiate between flat water and wave riding reviews. In fact Nate just tested and posted a review of another Surftech board, the 11' Infinity in quality town surf last weekend. As you will see he fairly talks discusses the pro's AND cons of that board.

June 06, 2008

No offense, but how can you post a "review" of a stand up paddle "surfboard" without reviewing how it surfs? This was no review, more like an ad for another Surftech. You can do better than this.


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