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By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stand up paddlers and surfers are constantly on the hunt for the board they can call "magic" because of how it performs. What if you found stand up paddle aqua sportswear that qualified as "magic"? NAYAD Aqua Sportswear presents a line of aqua sportswear for active lifestyles in and out of the water. This review of Nayad Aqua Sportswear is by Heidi, founder and stand up paddle instructor for Rainbow Watersports on the North Shore of Oahu, HI.


"Are you an active female in and out of the water?  If so, I’ve found your soul mate, or shall I say, your “suit” mate!


I am out in the water almost every day, either swimming with my children, surfing, or stand up paddling.  If I have a day when I do not have the chance to get in the water, I bike, run, or attend a butt-kicking exercise class.


Just as having the right tools make a job easier, we as athletes know that having the right clothing helps us perform better.  I want to be able to focus on my exercise, not my clothing.


The NAYAD company has claimed that their swimwear is so ideal for exercise in or out of the water that they have changed its name to “aqua sports wear”.


When I saw NAYAD’s bold statement, I decided to test out that theory by putting it through my own rigorous exercise routine.  Hey, maybe they were creating just a cute tag line!  I wanted to see if it was for real.  Could their suit hold up under rigorous exercise?


So I ordered my suit on their online site.  It was so much fun to mix and match a design that I liked.  And it was totally customizable!  I got to choose the design, the fit, and the style.  I know ordering clothing online can be risky, but when the suit arrived, it fit me perfectly.

Here’s what I found:



Stand up paddling: I first wore it as I trained for a stand up paddle race.  (I kind of figured if I won the race wearing it, it was for sure a winner!)  In the end, I wasn’t able to attend on race day (bummer) I got to test out the suit’s true performance.  Stand up paddling requires continuous movement of the shoulders which would easily detect any defects or discomfort of the straps and hems.  I am happy to report that I felt very comfortable with the NAYAD suit.  I especially appreciated the large shoulder to underarm spacing, allowing for unobstructed rapid arm movement.


Surfing:  For me, the test of a suit suitable for surfing is if it will stay on when I wipe out.  Ladies, ever had the embarrassing moment of your suit bottoms suddenly clothing your surf leash instead of you, or exposing your chest and quickly trying to adjust yourself before the next wave hits you on the inside?  Then you know what I mean.  So you ask, did the NAYAD suit stay on?  Totally.  And I have to admit, I had plenty of North Shore wipe outs to test this out.  Ha ha!


Running: Believe it or not, when I finished my run, I had totally forgotten that I was wearing the suit!  It was super comfortable and tight enough to keep, um, everything  in place.  In fact, NAYAD’s suit is so comfortable that I have worn it several days even when I  am not exercising.


Dry Land Exercise: Then came the ”sweat-til-you-rain” exercise class.  I saved this one for last because, I have to admit, I was hesitant to wear the NAYAD suit out for intense dry land exercise because I expected the fabric to not breathe well, and I didn’t want to sweat more than I was already!  However, I found it made no difference in how hot I felt, and I even garnered compliments on its style as well. J


So there’s the test.  Love the suit, and I recommend it to all you ladies kicking butt out there!

And before I sign off,  I do want to share what I think is the biggest highlight of this company:  Above all, their customer service is level  5.  The few times I corresponded with them over email were like talking to an old friend.  Gotta love companies who respect their customers!"


Check out the entire line of NAYAD Aqua Sportswear at

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