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Is the 93 Sub-Vector by C4 Waterman Just Hype? PDF Print E-mail
By: Nate Burgoyne   
Monday, 16 February 2009
   According to Dave Parmenter this is “probably the most advanced high performance short SUP on the market.” He says, “It’s a very fast board. You want to be real careful there. Put away all the crockery and glassware because sonic booms do tend to break those things.” And according to Dave, “This is the board to connect your shortboard surfing into the stand up surfing.” Well, the other day I ran into Liam Wilmott up on the North Shore, and lo and behold he had a Sub-Vector in the truck. Fast forward about 20 minutes and I was giving it a couple test runs in surf that was about head high to see if the Sub-Vector hype is real or just a bunch of hot air.


c4watermansubvector.jpg   When I first stepped on the board, I said to Liam, “I feel like I’m standing on a skateboard.” Having spent most of my high school days sidewalk surfing, it was a good feeling. Although it wasn’t as stable as I thought it would be, the average stand up paddle should have no problem balancing the board. It paddled easily and wave entry was smooth and controlled. On the wave, for me, the board responded quick and snappy. I’d shift my back foot, put it on rail, and, “Zoomp,” the board turned.

   After I making my first turn, I remember thinking, “That was easy. Where do I want to go next? I have so much wave left.” I never had the chance to really get the board racing down the line full speed, nor were there any bombs coming through that day, but on average waves, it was great. One final note: Probably the characteristic that stuck out to me most about the board was how controlled the board was coming off the whitewater. When a wave closes out, you have two choices 1) hit the whitewater for one final hit or 2) straighten out. Well, with the Sub-Vector you can hit the foam with confidence and know the board is going to stay under your feet.

   While I didn’t have extensive time on the board, my initial impression is. . . “believe the hype.” Click here for more on the C4 Waterman 9'3" Sub-Vector.

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April 25, 2009

CT here. I've had my SubV for about 2 wks. Believe the hype, this board rips. It's alot harder to stand on then I imagined. But I can do thing on a wave like I was riding a regular surfboard! It catches waves great, you can drop in super late, make section on waves that with my other SUP you couldn't make. The list goes on and on. I can't wait for some decent surf to really get a feel for everything this board will do!

February 23, 2009

The Sub-Vector surfs unreal. If you want a short board feel to your SUP surfing then this board is great! I rented one for a few days and now have my own. I tried it as a 2 1 and it was good, Thruster with small center all the way back and better, quad unreal! It's more stable than my C4 10'0" Diamond tail and surfs 10x better. Fast & loose!!!

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