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Locking Up Your Stand Up Paddle Board PDF Print E-mail
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Monday, 27 April 2009

It's one of the biggest fears we have. Staring at an empty car, garage, or board rack with the reality that your stand up paddle board has been stolen. It happens. A stand up paddle board is an expensive piece of equipment and although they aren't disappearing left and right, having your board locked up at night or while you run in to get a burrito will definitely give you that peace of mind and help you sleep better at night...and for less than $40, it's definitely worth it. So, what sparked us to write this article?


We just received a letter from one of our readers who inquired as to what the best board locking system is. Although we're still waiting on samples from some companies so that we can make a comparison, we thought we'd fill you on what's been working so far. You are welcome to share your insights and recommendations by logging in and commenting at the bottom of this article. Well, here it goes...

There are two locking systems that have been working well for us so far: one for general board locking and another for locking boards on the roof racks of your car. 
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For locking the boards to the top of your vehicle, we have been using Steelcore Security Surf Carrier Straps. They work like traditional surfboard straps for your car, such as the popular straps produced by DaKine, with the exception that they have a lock and a cut resistant core made from cut resistant steel aircraft cable. From what we've been told, there's only been one cut through that Steel Core knows about and it was done at night with a power tool of some sort. The lock is weather resistant stainless steel and the buckle is made of hardened aircraft aluminum designed by top aerospace engineers.  The point is, these things are tough and they're easy to use. Just strap your board on the roof and lock it with a small key. You can get yours here online or at your local surf shop They're between $80 and $100 US and well worth it. Get the longer ones to stack and lock several stand up paddle boards to your roof. Steelcore also makes a tailgate lock for locking boards to truck tailgates, though we've never used that model before. 
For general board locking in the garage, behind the house, in the back of the truck, car, or van, or at the beach, we've been using DocksLocks. Locking a board with DocksLocks is as easy as locking up your bicycle. To lock you board, you simply clip a lock to the little bar in your leash plug, thread a coiled lock through the locking mechanism, and secure it to something.The lock is a numbered combination lock so you don't need to worry about another key. If your board doesn't have a leash plug, the kit includes a cleat that is easily installed inside the finbox with a screwdriver. It creates a place for the lock to hold. The complete system is under $40 and comes with one lock, the cable and a cleat. You can buy additional locks to be used with the same locking cable for just under $30 each. Although it isn't a bulletproof locking system, it'll take some strong tools and cutters to get through it, and if anything, it would probably deter a thief to an easier target. We've seen Surftech using these locks to secure their equipment at demo days and contest. You can order DocksLock here online or at your local surf shop. 
These are two locking systems that we've been using for locking up boards. There are certainly others on the market and we look forward to trying them out as well in the near future.  
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Kim Allen
September 18, 2011

Thanks, Dave. I want to say the Board Secure is the only type of locking device that will work on my daughter's SUP. She needs something that attaches to the finbox because there is no other place (than a small slit in the center of her board) to which she can attach a locking mechanism. Right now she's got her board stored at her college boatyard with a thick chain through the center slot, and although not a high theft area--after all, who's going to walk away with a 11 foot SUP?--she needs a second locking device to add additional security, and the Board Secure seems to be the answer.

Dave Gunderson
January 18, 2011

I use the BoardSecure fin box lock. 100% stainless steel, it attaches directly to the fin box and I only paid 20 bucks for the lock and cable. Absolutely no complaints. I love it!

More Waves
June 11, 2010

Steel Core locking straps are the best! You can lock up everything from bikes to nightstands in hotels as well. They are worth every cent!

May 03, 2009

We can only do our very best to minimize the threat of having our sacred boards stolen. Everything we do is a deterrent to make it difficult for them steal. At the end of the day what ever method we use to protect your property it is still not 100 % safe. Believe me this is how SBT started off. We had dock locks, galore, kept OUR boards safe, safely locked and out of site, inside vans when out on a surf session. But nothing protects you from a determined thief who understands the value of a board and how easy it is in the market to move dodgy boards. If you do all of these things add SBT to your stick at least your covered by insurance and if the boards turns up somewhere it can be checked out on the SBT system. Board crime is on the rise on a global scale let work together surfers, SUP riders, retailers and manufacturers to stop.

I think Dock lock are a great product combine it with SBT and your on to a real winner where ever you surf. Best regards Andrew Smith CEO SBT.
If you would like a "SBT Board Watch" sticker and join the global community to stopping board theft (SBT) please contacts us

Paddle Surf Warehouse
April 30, 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know Paddle Surf Warehouse has these for $29.99 THey are super easy to use and lock to your leash plug.

Click above link to buy online. Had a customer buy a board and was going to keep it on his dock in Huntington Harbor. I mentioned he should buy a lock. He said no. Next thing you know he is back in the shop buying a new board with a lock. His board was stolen.

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