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By: Review Staff   
Friday, 07 September 2007

Image     Dings are a common issue with stand up paddle surfers, especially for those starting out and those riding big waves. It's inevitable that the paddle is going to jump to the side and..."crunch"...put a hole in the side of your board. It happens, and sometimes you don't even notice until you're out of the water rinsing off your board. it's just part of the sport. We've seen Brudda Brand Bulletproof Epoxy Ding Repair on the homepage of Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine for some time now, and it's about time we did a review on the product.

Image     Brudda Brand claims to be quick and easy, so we put it to the test, and it passed with flying colors. Brudda Brand has the consistency of clay or play dough. We broke off a piece and mixed it with our fingers, then filled the ding and smoothed it out with a wet finger. It was extremely easy to work with. The Bulletproof product dried and the board was ready to go back in the water in less than 5 minutes.  When it dried as fast as it did, we were sold. The product activated itself so we didn't need to put the board out in the sun or anything to fix the ding.


Image  S.U.P. Surf Mag editor, Nate was stoked to learn that there was steel in the product. We probably shouldn't say, but he was so tired of dinging-repairing his board that, one time, he went to the hardware store, bought some adhesive metal "Men's Room" sticker-signs for doors, and cut them into strips to stick on the rail of his board. He probably would have taken it in the water that way had he not cut his finger on it when he was almost finished. Now, he's stoked on Brudda Brand.

    The only downside to the product, is it dries white, or grey. The good news is it can be painted to match your board. We don't recommend Brudda Brand for deep gashes toward the center of the board if you are going to be in heavy surf. Since the repair is going to be stronger than the rest of the board, it may create a stress point where the board flexes. However for minor knicks, dings, and even deep dings towards the tail or the nose, we gave Brudda Brand two thumbs

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