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The Spaniard Ramón Blanco wins the "SPAIN 24" 24-hour-Stand Up Paddle PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 August 2013
he event took place in the town of Burgos Arija and got a length of 99.9 kilometers in 24 hours on August 6, 2013. 

    They sport of Stand Up Paddle fashion is already known. What every day there are more practitioners and supporters to "stand up paddle" is an unquestionable reality. That in the "Stand Up Paddle" or SUP modalities there is increasing competition, is an evidence: waves, long and short race distance, beachrace, sprint, slalom, rafting ... But what had not taken place even in everyone was an endurance of 24 hours, and this has taken place over this past weekend in the town of Arija, in Burgos, bathed by the waters of the Ebro Reservoir


    Under the heading "SPAIN 24" and organized by IOSU, a company specializing in conducting sports events, met a few athletes ready and willing to fight against the clock, the middle, and of course, a struggle against oneself, having to go as far in Stand Up Paddle board for 24 hours.


    The EVENT.


    When starting the test, conditions were not good for "Stand Up Paddle" by the prevailing wind of about 8 knots but then the test became "epic" and only real "heroes" as related Luis Garcia, head of IOSU: "the wind picked up to 25 knots from the north and from the four p.m. dense fog forced us to change the route to ensure the continuity of the evidence in the best possible condition. We were really thinking of abandoning the race but participants were strong and desire were above the adverse weather. "


    Undoubtedly, the strong wind, fog, and low temperatures marked the development of the test for the first 12 hours.The three head were closing laps and adding miles to your individual challenge and strategy, as this was a very important aspect.


    At night and once lit the night circuit as well as tables and tracking zodiacs, the wind died down and the dense fog took over the area, which made the arrangements neutralize the event for a few hours until the first safety daylight hours of Sunday.


    "To be standing in the table became an odyssey"


    In this range, personal problems were removed from the test to Madrid Antonio de la Rosa (international raider) who marched at the head at the time, and later he did the Spaniard Ruben Salvador (winner of the Sella SUP), staying alone the forefront of this challenge the Spaniard Ramón Blanco. With the first rays of light and now no wind and the water in perfect conditions for rowing, Northwind team member continued its fight against the clock adding miles and miles over the waters of the Ebro Reservoir


    And finally, at about 12 noon on Sunday August 4, Ramón Blanco spent his last mark. It had been 24 hours since the start, and GPS marked a distance of 99.9 kilometers, although not sound like much, if it is in the conditions under which the test was held.


    A heroic? A challenge? Extreme sport?? Or just another way to live and feel the Stand Up Paddle. For Ramon Blanco "the distance traveled is not good, in that space of time can make many more miles, but the weather certainly marked the trial". The wind has been a key factor in the development of this first edition of "SPAIN 24" says the Spaniard overcame: "with that wind, about 25 knots, and as we travel the whipped by one side or the other, and added to the water status very choppy and very choppy, it was standing room only at the table turned into an ordeal. Otherwise very pleased with the result, the organization and my fellow adventurers "emphasizes Ramon Blanco.


    Relay Team


    In addition to the individual challenge, the organization also arranged a more popular race race consisting of a 8 hours team. The winner in this mode was NORTHWIND team that conducted 54 kilometers.


    Moreover, and in order to promote the "Stand Up Paddle", the organization arranged for baptisms free to all who came to Arija they could try and experience the SUP, "a sport that each day has more followers, from both a competitive and in the playful, and that is because it is very easy, simple and above all, fun, "said Hector Perez, head of the School Northwind.


    " Sowing seeds "


    This year has developed two tests IOSU pioneers in the world of SUP, the first for a month with Sella I SUP, and the recently concluded SPAIN 24. For Luis Garcia "is about sowing seeds, to organize different from traditional tests and gather together the personal challenges with collective promotion of sport." Garcia states that since "there are several companies and institutions that have contacted us to perform similar tests next year, even outside our borders, and that means gradually things are focusing well."


    SPAIN 24 HOURS was organized by IOSU and was sponsored Arija City Council through the Department of Sports. Also had the collaboration of NORTHWIND KITE & SUP, ARIJA ADVENTURE, and ProTeams. 

Winner 24 hours:  Ramón Blanco (Northwind, DRR): 99.9 km

8 hours Victors: NORTHWIND Equipment: 54 km  
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