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High Performance Standup Paddlesurfing to Air on International TV PDF Print E-mail
By: Waterman League   
Friday, 13 November 2009

Hawaii - KITV (ABC) Sunday, 22 Nov 5:30pm (HST)
International - Eurosport 2 Wednesday, 18th Nov 6:30pm (CET)

Hinano’s Stand Up World Tour Contenders, presented by The Moorings, Starboard and Air Tahiti Nui

  • Experience some of the world's best stand up paddle surfing at one of the world's most challenging waves. 
  • Meet a few of the personalities who will be competing in the 2010 Stand Up World Tour.
  • Get immersed in the magical dreamscapes of Tahiti. 

Stand Up Paddling's "....skyrocketing trajectory is comparable to snowboarding, which similarly gained traction in the 1980's and '90s." (Time Magazine, 9 June 2009). The Stand Up World Tour Contenders have introduced the concept of high performance stand up paddle surfing, and have set up the World Championship Tour, which is a proving ground for the world's most celebrated ocean sports athletes.


Establishing where it came from and illustrating where it is headed,the Stand Up World Tour Contenders takes their principalchallengers (from Hawaii, the US, Australia, Europe and Tahiti) down tothe beautiful Tahitian Islands, on board two 46ft Mooring’s catamaransfor an unforgettable journey of discovery, both for the athletes andthe audience.From mind blowing experiences of facing some of the most spectacular wavesimaginable, to the rivalry and camaraderie on-board the yachts, thestory of the Stand Up World Tour begins….

Next stop – Sunset Beach Pro, Hawaii, February 6th-14th 2010.

More at .

Standup Journal is the official publication of the Stand Up World Tour.


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jose mettifogo
November 26, 2009

I can only agree with you, you are so right!!!

November 23, 2009

I watched the show last night and while I was certainly impressed with the skills of these guys I was also repeatedly reminded of the inherent testosterone-induced environment into which the boys immerse themselves. EVERYTHING was about competition - who could win and beat out everyone else. The whole bottom line was about a world tour - another contest to see who's the best. Now maybe I'm a bit different - oh yeah I'm wahine - and it would have been nice to see some female stand up surfers too - and perhaps that might have rounded out the program and steered the emphasis away from who's the best or who's the winner.

Don't we already have enough of that already in this world? I refer to various wars and the general attitudes of the international military industrial and terrorist complex.

We humans are a naturally aggressive and acquisitive species: it's in our genes to get our way at the expense of others. However, we have a BRAIN which can and should be utilized to soften the blows inflicted by genetics.

Having grown up in the sixties here in Hawaii, I experienced the social, political and cultural changes here. And one of the gems that's endured is Hilo's annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival. Halau show their stuff and the gathering is just that: a gathering to celebrate the good of the Hawaiian culture. Stand up surfing can do the same and all I request is that the softer, female, aspect of our tribe be incorporated into our activities.

For those skeptics, I humbly suggest that you go out surfing (of any sort) with a whole bunch of wahine. You might notice the different energy out there: it's more of a cooperative, nurturing energy and while it certainly ain't perfect (I too have my bitch switch is stuck moments) it really changes the dynamics of the lineup.


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