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Paddle Surf Hawaii's Tiffany Paglinawan First Female to Charge Pipe Stand Up Paddle PDF Print E-mail
By: Bill Ward, Assc. Editor   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009

tiff_smiles_drop_250.jpgThe 2009 Hawaiian winter has been an incredible showcase for woman’s high performance surfing. We witnessed outstanding prone paddle surfing from women at Sunset beach and Honolua Bay in the ASP world title race and the woman of stand up paddling are right by their side in raising the bar to previously unseen levels. These young women are blurring the gender gap with their talent and leading the next generation of woman stand up paddle surfers to a bright exciting future. They don’t just surf “good for a girl”; these young women rip by any standards…..period!


As the first generation of women stand up paddle surfers continue to excel and establish increasingly high bench marks in stand up paddle surfing, a second generation is quickly emerging and following hot on their heels. One such young woman who is drawing attention this winter and making a name for herself is Tiffany Paglinawan from Makakilo.


Tiffany Paglinawan 
Tiffany, with her rail set, is in complete control of where she is at and where she wants to be. (Photo: Paddle Surf Hawaii)


Tiffany works in the Paddle Surf Hawaii shop during the day, but most mornings she can be found doing what she loves best, SUP surfing. Tiffany is gaining a reputation for charging some of the most powerful surf in the world on Oahu’s West and North shores. I first became aware of Tiffany when Blane Chambers posted some pictures he and Alan Mozo (surf/sup photographer extraordinaire) took of her dropping in to some solid overhead outer reef waves . When I stopped by the Paddle Surf Hawaii shop a few weeks later, it took me a few minutes to realize this was the same young woman I had seen in those photos. In person Tiffany is small in stature, reserved, sincere and humble. However, her modest demeanor belies the fact that she has the heart of a lion when stand up paddle surfing triple overhead waves.

Like most Hawaiian groms, Tiffany started out body surfing and body boarding waves where she grew up in Ewa beach. After spending her early years gaining knowledge about the ocean, currents and wave judgment, Tiffany had her first surfing experience on her uncle’s 7’ gun. That first session fueled a stoke for surfing and she immediately started saving for her first surfboard, which was a 7’2” fun board from HIC. After a few years of prone surfing Tiffany had her first flat water SUP session. Her stoke was immediate and profound. It was clear that stand up paddling was in her blood and once again this determined, hard working young woman saved her money and bought her first stand up paddle board, a 10’ Infinity.


Tiffany Paglinawan
Controlling her emotions in the face of a 15' Hawaiian-size wave, Tiffany, paddles hard and barely makes it over, ready for the next set. (Photo: Paddle Surf Hawaii)


 As Tiffany continued to paddle and hone her skills, her stand up paddle surfing abilities took another step forward when she started working for Paddle Surf Hawaii and riding boards from Blane Chambers. She started off with a 9’2 AA and progressed to one of Blane’s most successful sought after boards, the 9’3 ripper. It was on these boards and under the wing of Blane and the PSH crew that Tiffany’s stand up paddle surfing talents quickly emerged. It was the perfect marriage of natural surfing talent and state of the art Stand up paddle board designs.

As the 09/10 Hawaiian winter approached Tiffany was prepared, focused and set a specific goal to SUP surf legit 10 foot Hawaiian scale surf. She worked her way up from head high to overhead outer reef waves. She continued to SUP surf regularly and soon gained confidence and experience in large surf. Then in early December the day she had been training and waiting for arrived. On the same swell that allowed for the Eddie Aikau contest to run at Waimea bay, Makaha was 10 to 15 feet and Tiffany was ready. Needing a bit more length than normal, she paddled out on a PSH 9’8 ripper and successfully surfed several waves at the birthplace of Hawaiian big wave surfing. Makaha at that size requires skill and heart, on that day Tiffany proved she had plenty of both.


Tiffany Paglinawan 
The epitome of stoke in living color! (Photo: Paddle Surf Hawaii)

Tiffany also had a historic moment when she became the first woman to stand up paddle the world famous Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu in solid 4-5 foot (6-8 faces) surf. As every surfer knows, Pipeline is one of the world’s most challenging waves. Although apprehensive when first paddling out, she erased the butterflies after successfully surfing her first wave. After that she settled in and simply had fun. When her session ended one of the lifeguards approached her and said he had never seen a woman SUP surf Pipe at that size. Quite an accomplishment! (It is important to note that only a handful of elite watermen SUP surf Pipeline. Tiffany’s session was a result of a personal invitation from a highly respected Pipeline local who took her out on a specific day and conditions.)


Tiffany Paglinawan
"Tiff" fully committed to an outside, fin releasing, front-side cutback. Impressive to say the least! (Photo: Paddle Surf Hawaii)

So what’s next for this talented young woman? That’s easy. More stoke more fun, more surfing with friends and of course challenging herself in bigger waves! Tiffany’s stoke is genuine, infectious and the epitome of what stand up paddling is all about. The future of our beloved sport of stand up paddle surfing is bright and in good hands with talented young women SUP surfers like Tiffany Paglinawan.

Paddle Surf Hawaii

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August 12, 2010

Wow! a ladies doing good in surfing, it is really challenging to me. The huge wave really stop my breath. How nice to women love to do surfing without any fear. This is one of the best sports that i ever seen in water. Sacred Journeys Hawaii
In see how she cut the big wave through her board and it is really amazing. Go girl. You can make it to the top. Do your very best.

March 25, 2010

man this is nuts good job you rip shit up now i am supper happy for you jah bless keep surfing and rushing biger

Izzy Tihanyi
January 15, 2010

Aloha Tiffany!
Love your stoke!! I am really impressed and wish you all the best. If you are ever in San Diego and want to SUP, stop by the Surf Diva shop!

January 13, 2010

OMFG I got goosebumps. I wouldnt surf 6 foot Pipe Ever at all on any kine board.. OR 15 foot Makaha. Fahkin chargin for anyone.

January 05, 2010

Wow Tiff when you told me you surfed makaha that day, I was very impressed and proud. But oh my God!! A picture is worth a thousand words literally!! Remember what i told you huh Tiff? When you become famous:-)

Wayne Kamisato
January 05, 2010

Fantastic. I finally found out who you are. I've taken photo sessions kind of regularly this past summer '09 and have caught you out in the lineup at Kewalos. Every time you were there I've tried to stop and talk but you just paddled off when you were done. Anyway Tiff you can check some of the sessions I posted at Kewalos this past summer. I've got some shots of you ripping there. Go to Maybe I'll catch you again at another surf break.

January 04, 2010

Can't believe this is the same girl that surfs White Plains beach. What a trip, advancing fast!!

January 04, 2010

You Go Girl! Looks like you'll be giving me some hard rubs in the Kewalo's line up this summer!

Lynda Lim
January 03, 2010

What an inspirpation for women the world over - Go Girl! I just wish I'd learned to SUP 20 years ago!

January 03, 2010

Tiffany is SO INSPIRING!! I LOVE this girl!!
She makes women proud!!!
Thank you for breaking down barriers, Tiffany!!!
You RIP!

Pete Diaz
January 02, 2010

That is pretty incredible! Thanks for posting this.

Awesome surfing Tiffany!

Ann Leighton
December 29, 2009

HAH That's my Tiff who was soooo wonderful helping me out when I got to buy some goodies - including a 9-3 AA - from PSH recently. It's terrific to see this young wahine breaking barriers and leading the rest of us - even us older fahts - into a much softer and, well, female, mode of our sport!

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