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By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Wednesday, 18 March 2009

   Is the stand up paddle industry going strong? All of our online sources say, “Yeah, baby!” Traffic statistics for the #1 online magazine for stand up paddle surfing is an overwhelmingly positive indicator of the direction that the industry is taking. To satisfy your curiosity, we’re giving you a peak into some statistics for Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine over the last year. The numbers are revealing. These statistics are comparing 2/14/2008 - 3/16/2008 with 2/14/2009 - 3/16/2009.


   These statistics are the real deal genuine statistics as calculated by Google Analytics. There are some statistics programs that a webmaster can tweak out to show more traffic than as site is really getting but Google doesn’t mess around. So, this is the real stuff. All traffic is real. No ghost traffic. No traffic from paid services that guarantee traffic. These numbers are all from legit visitors who come to the magazine for information and stoke. Here it is…


   First off, let’s dispel a myth about web traffic that’s been going around for a long time. The myth about “hits”. We don’t track hits because, in our opinion, it’s useless number. Here’s what a hit is. A hit is counted any time someone takes an action on your website. For example: Jill visits the site…1 hit; she clicks on the Photos menu button…1 hit; she click a photo to enlarge it…1 hit; she clicks another photo to enlarge it…1 hit…etc. Just clicking through the photo gallery Jill alone could easily generate like 50 hits and it doesn’t mean anything as far as statistics go. All a lot of hits means is that someone was doing something on the site for a while. It could have even been the webmaster. What really matters is how many people are coming to the site. Okay, let’s get to it.

   The following are percentages comparing traffic from 2/14/2008 - 3/16/2008 with traffic from 2/14/2009 - 3/16/2009.

   Visits: 98.86% Increase - Outstanding! A visit is counted every time someone visits the site. If Jill visits the site in the morning, it’s one visit. If she then visits in the evening, it’s two visits. This is an interesting statistic that definitely has some value.

   Absolutely Unique Visitors: 132.22% Increase - Phenomenal! This is the Grand Daddy of all statistics. This tells us how many individuals are visiting the site. If Jill visits in the morning, it’s one unique visit. Then if she visits in the evening, it’s still only one unique visit. With an increase in over 130% since this time last year, we’re ecstatic.

   Where is all this traffic coming from?
1. United States: 77.82% Increase
2. Australia: 141.37% Increase
3. United Kingdom: 34.99% Increase
4. France: 85.25% Increase
5. Canada: 309.20% Increase
6. Brazil: 568.89% Increase
7. Spain: 176.92% Increase
8. New Zealand: 346.43% Increase
9. Belgium: 1,572.73% Increase
10 Japan: 98.55% Increase

   Plus, all 50 States and 102 other countries and territories.

   It’s been a thrill to look at the graphs and maps of where traffic continues to pour in from. From what we’ve seen, there are no signs of slow down for these growth trends. We feel this is a reliable indicator of the booming industry that you and we are all part of. Stand up paddling is one of the greatest sports on earth and it’s gracing waters worldwide. Happy paddling!

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March 24, 2009

With all the new interest in SPB, how about more articles in the techniques used in the sport. I am a new guy, and more info of this kind will be of great help. I know..........Nothing like more and more practice.........Thanks

March 24, 2009

what are the numbers,beside the%?

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