Gear Review: SK8Pole Skate Paddle
By: Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012

sk8pole250.pngWhen the waves are down and you're looking to satisfy the urge for some land stand up paddling with a skateboard, don't overlook the SK8Pole as an option for your skate paddle. SK8Pole sent us beautiful silver Sk8Pole a little while back. We've been putting it to the test and this is our review. We put the pole in the hands of men, women and children to discover the ways that SK8Pole shines. In this review we'll look at the product itself, performance and our overall impression. 


One of the stand out features of the SK8Pole are it's weight and size. You could take this thing anywhere. It's so incredibly light that you could stick it in a backpack or bag and barely notice it's there. Since it breaks down to just 33 inches, you won't be knocking things off the shelves when you take it indoors. For these reasons alone, it's the perfect pole for communting to school, work or wherever.


Typically, one of the greatest challenges with stand up paddles for the water that are adjustable, are complications with the adjustment mechanism. In the SK8Pole we found no problems at all. It was easy to adjust to the perfect length, we didn't experience any play in the joints where the adjustments take place, and the pole didn't collapse on itself as we were using it. In that respect we were pleasantly surprised. 


The handle is comfortable. The ball shaped handle will fit any hand comfortably and can be held from any direction. We didn't experience hand fatigue or blisters. The feel was very natural. 


The rubber pusher that touches the road is unique. Most stand up paddle skate poles have a solid rubber pusher at the end. The SK8Pole rubber pusher is softer and flexes. Placing the stick on the road feels comfortable secure. The only weakness we experienced in the design was if you are really pulling hard on the stick, as if you were racing for a pot of gold at the end of a sidewalk, the rubber pusher occasionally buckled at the flex part of the joint. With some adjustment in stroke, this was minimized. For the commuter or the recreational paddler, it would never be a problem. 


Our overall impression of the SK8Pole is that this is the ultimate commuter or recreational stand up paddle stick. Since it's fully adjustable, it's perfect for the kids and the parents. This is not the right stick for intense racing or fitness routines that calls for full power strokes, nor is it ideal for bombing down hills since the rubber pusher does not function as a brake. For skate paddling around town, to work, through the city, to the store or around campus, this pole is a beauty. It's clear that the reasarch and development team did their homework with this one and created a great product. And, with a price point of $49.95, you're can't go wrong. 

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