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What is the Platinum Crew?

    The Platinum Crew is a group of the most stoked out stand up paddle companies in the industry. They are on the cutting edge of

researchand development for stand up paddlers around the world and are fueling the fire more than ever! Members of the Platinum

Crew abide by a code of ethics and maintain high standards of integerity in business and products or services. Basically, these

companies deliver high quality products and aren't going to rip you off. They are stoked on the sport and are doing whatever they can

to provide quality equipment and services and to preserve the good name of stand up paddle surfing. It's no secret that everyone, even

us, is looking for the most progressive gear on the market provided by companies with integrity. In your search for gear, "The Crew"

is the place to start. SUPSURFMAG Platinum Crew ...keeping the industry connected.

    1. Exceptional Products and Services: The Platinum Crew is committed to developing top-of-the-line gear that encourages the

progression of the sport. They refuse to sell "junk" gear just to make a quick buck. The Platinum Crew understands that each stand

up paddler who purchases their products or services is putting their trust in them to deliver their very best.

    2. Business Integrity: Members of the Platinum Crew insist on honesty and fairness, and seek the same from those whom they do

business with. They do what they say they are going to do and only make promises they can keep. The Platinum Crew is committed

to setting the standard for ethical business practices within the stand up paddle industry.

    3. Etiquette and Safety: Platinum Crew members have made it their responsibility to actively promote proper etiquette. In the water

they are exemplars of proper surfing etiquette and Safety. Furthermore, they are actively involved in raising awareness and educating

all stand up paddlers about surfing and paddling with respect to all others in the water.

    4. Stoke: The Platinum Crew is comprised of the most stoked out companies in the industry. They encourage everyone to try the sport

and welcome everyone. They promise to treat everyone with respect, stand up paddlers or not, and

to go the extra mile to fuel the stoke that has drawn thousands to one of the greatest of all watersports...stand up paddle surfing.

What can stand up paddlers expect from the Platinum Crew?
    Exceptional equipment and services from companies with integrity and and unprecedented zeal for the sport. They can

go to these companies with the confidence, knowing that the company is committed to delivering products of excellence.

What can your company expect from the Platinum Crew?
    You can expect honest and ethical business practices from its members. All members of the Platinum Crew have promised to abide by

the Platinum Code. Any company who violates this code will have their membership revoked. In short, you can have the peace of mind

that these companies maintain an high standard of business ethics, do what they say they are going to do, and never make promises they

can't keep.

How can my company join the Platinum Crew?
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